Lyft Promo Code

(I have so many pictures, recipes, and ideas to share that I’ve accumulated while I’ve been super busy over the past few months, but before I forget, I wanted to make sure I share this promo code before the holidays!)

From Seattle to West Palm Beach, San Francisco to New York, Las Vegas to Atlantic City, Indianapolis to Omaha, and many places in between…If you’re traveling this holiday season–don’t pay for airport parking, grab a Lyft instead! Or even if you have a ride to/from the airport, use this promo code to save money by passing on a rental car at your destination. Not traveling anywhere? Have a Lyft driver be your designated driver and get home safely. The possibilities are endless, and a free ride is, well, free!

The Promo Code   
This promo is usually good for up to $20 off your first ride, but as of right now this link for promo code D5QDQ4 is showing for up to $50 in free ride credit for first time riders, which is an amazing deal!


I have personally heard nothing but positive feedback regarding Lyft from Lyft riders, especially in comparison to other ridesharing competitors. I’m happy to share what I’ve heard about the Washington, DC area if anyone is curious so please feel free to comment or message me! I’m also curious, has anyone else tried Lyft? Please share!



– 2 lbs. ground beef
– 2 eggs
– 1 jar homemade “onion soup mix

4 minutes on each side over direct high heat

Fast. Present. Done.


Over the past year, my kitchen has gradually been getting filled with cook and store glass dishes, mason jars, zipper bags, and everything imaginable in an attempt to find a way to make food easy. What I found was a huge mess instead. All these extra things with nowhere to go, no system to keep organized…just money spent and an increasing number of failed attempts at my idealistic version of “easy.”

I downloaded digital books, scoured the web, read blog after blog, talked to friends, studied up on meal planning and batch freezing, but nothing seemed to work for me and I would only end up frustrated, eating fast food or frozen (store-bought) meals. It was only after I stopped looking for a one-size-fits-all approach and stopped trying to force a routine that didn’t fit me, that I realized I had started to adapt. I was creating my own ways to do things using bits and pieces of information I’d picked up along the way. I began to craft my ideas, and it never occurred to me that I was developing my own style for getting things done, albeit a spontaneous laissez-faire style, but a style nonetheless. And it was starting to work for me–not just with cooking but with other daily tasks too.

Now, I have far more lazy days than I do productive days, but I’m learning how to make my productive days count–and I don’t mean by spending ridiculous hours in the kitchen cooking fifty meals at once. I wish I had that energy and discipline, but no. While it would be nice to develop some finite formula for “what works best for me,” that just doesn’t exist; I’ve finally given up trying to create it because I’ve realized I value flexibility more. Planning doesn’t have to be ideal and perfect, it just has to work. So I will share some of my ideas and lifehacks, so to speak, and hopefully learn of others’ ideas in the process.